Map to Chair Care Patio

Map to Chair Care Patio

Chair Care Patio is on Sovereign Row just one block South of Regal Row. If you are coming from Dallas take I35 and keep left to take the Carpenter Freeway split. Exit onto Regal Row and turn left on Regal and go under the freeway. Drive two blocks and turn left onto Sovereign Row. Chair Care Patio is just past Profit Drive on your left.

Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair has been in the business of repairing and refinishing better quality outdoor furniture since 1988.What started as a hobby in 1988 has become unique turnkey service for North Texas customers. Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair specializes in the total repair and refinishing of outdoor patio furniture. Our North Texas services include sand blasting and powder coating of wrought iron and aluminum patio furniture, replacement of vinyl strapping on pool chairs and chaises, custom made replacement slings, vinyl strap replacement or relacing of Brown Jordan Tamiami and Lido furniture, as well as a complete sewing room for custom made outdoor patio furniture cushions. Pick-up and delivery in the Dallas Fort Worth, Metroplex area is also available.

Chair Care Patio picks up and delivers in Dallas Fort Worth Patio Furniture Repair can save you money. Why buy new when you can repair your furniture for a portion of the cost of buying new. Why donate perfectly good pool and patio furniture to the local landfill when you can repair by refinishing the frame, replacing the slings or vinyl strapping or adding a fresh new look with patio furniture cushions?
If you have better quality outdoor furniture such as Brown Jordan, Woodard or Tropitone or Homecrest, OW Lee, Meadowcraft, or Summer Classics with broken straps, rusty frames, torn slings or outdoor cushions that are worn and faded, Chair Care Patio Furniture repair can fix it all. They just don’t make them like they used to, so instead of spending more money on new furniture you aren’t happy with, repair your better quality outdoor patio furniture to look and function like they’re brand new.

Patio Furniture Repair and Refinishing Services by Chair Care Patio of North Texas

Sandblasting & Powder Coating is the best way to refinish wrought iron mesh and aluminum frame outdoor furniture.

The first step to frame refinishing is sand blasting.

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TXBefore we can apply our state of the art, powder coated finish to your wrought iron or aluminum patio furniture, we must first remove the old finish and layers of paint, dirt and rust from the metal frame. The quickest way to do this is by sand blasting away the old finish. Sandblasting is a very aggressive process that removes old layers of paint down to a clean bare metal surface. The cleaner the metal surface, the better the finish. Surface preparation is the most important part of patio furniture restoration. The end finish on your patio furniture is only as good as what it’s applied to. We do not powder coat over an existing paint finish or old rusty surfaces. Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface for the powder coating to adhere to. Blasting also removes any rust or corrosion from your patio furniture.

At Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair, we apply a state-of-the art powder coated finish to your better quality patio furniture.

At Chair Care Patio, we do not use old fashioned wet paint to refinish outdoor patio furniture. We use a more durable state of the art process called powder coating. A majority of the patio furniture manufacturer’s use powder coating on the new furniture your see in the stores today. Powder coating is a very durable finish and comes in hundreds of colors and textures. Powder coating is much more durable than typical wet paint; it resists cracking and peeling and is extremely abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant. Because there are no dangerous solvents involved, (as traditional wet paint finishes) the powder coating process, is an environmentally safe method of coating metal items.

The powder coating process is simple….

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX
The science behind the powder coating process is simple. Powder coating uses a dry powder that is electro statically applied to the metal frame of products such as patio furniture. The powder material itself looks similar to baby powder. The powder coating material is actually very fine particles of plastic that are electro statically applied to the metal surface. Once all surfaces of the patio furniture have been coated, the furniture pieces are rolled into a big curing oven and baked at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. The high temperature of the powder coating oven causes the plastic powder coating particles to melt and bond together on the surface of the metal. Once cool, the powder coated finish becomes hard and durable. Wrought iron or steel furniture will receive a powder coated primer base coat before applying the color top coat

Chair Care Patio can make replacement slings for virtually any manufacturer.

Chair Care Patio furniture repair can make patio furniture replacement slings for virtually any manufacturer including: Homecrest, Brown Jordan, Winston, Carter Grandle, Heidt, Tropitone, Telecope, Lloyd Flanders, Agio and more. With a few simple measurements from the chair frame, we can custom sew a replacement sling for any patio chair or chaise. No need to know the original part number or manufacturer. Our slings fit because we are sewing to fit the chair frame, not to a part number.

Custom Made Replacement Slings can give your sling chairs and chaises a fresh new look.

Replacement slings for patio sling chairs and chaises are our specialty. Chair Care patio was the first online company to offer custom made replacement slings for patio sling style furniture. At our facility in Dallas, Texas, we have a complete cutting and sewing shop that processes thousands of replacement slings each week and ships them nationwide for customers to install. As a local North Texas customer, you have several options when it comes to patio chair sling replacement. Because you are in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, you are welcome to bring your patio sling style furniture to our warehouse, choose your fabric in person and let our experienced team of repair technicians install your new replacement slings. Click here to see our sling pricing and installation fees for North Texas customers. If you are the do-it-yourself, type and do not mind using a little hard work, Patio Sling replacement is something the “handy” homeowner can accomplish. Order replacement slings through the website and have the slings shipped directly to your home or office. See the “How To” section of our website for instructions on how to measure before you order. We also have detailed easy to follow instructions on how to install chair slings and how to install chaise lounge slings.


Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX
Choose from over 100 top quality fabrics made in the USA. Click here to see our fabric selection. Our Patio Furniture Replacement Slings are made of the best fabrics available. We purchase our replacement sling fabric from three major fabric manufacturers located in the United States: Twitchell, Sunbrella and Phifer. The sling fabric we use is NOT comparable to the quality found on furniture purchased at big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco & Sam’s. Big Box furniture and with sling fabric is made “in the far east” and is not of the same quality.

Double seams for durability.

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX
We use a double seam of GORE™ TENARA® brand thread on all hems to provide strength to the stress points of the slings. GORE™ TENARA® thread is made by the people who make Goretex jackets. This outdoor thread has a lifetime warranty against deterioration. Here is some text describing Tenara thread directly from

GORE™ TENARA® Sewing Thread

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX
For Seams that Last a Fabric’s Lifetime
GORE™’99 TENARA®’ae Sewing Thread is a long-lasting thread which enhances the life of the outdoor and marine products in which it is used. Conventional seam threads on awnings and other outdoor fabric products suffer from exposure to wind and weather. After a few years they can become brittle and break. In contrast, GORE™’99 Tenara®’ sewing thread is a thread you can really rely on: it does not deteriorate from exposure to the elements –’96 not even when exposed to UV radiation!

Custom Made Patio Furniture Cushions
Chair Care Patio your complete source for custom made patio furniture cushions. Choose from hundreds of outdoor fabrics from well-known fabric manufacturers such as Sunbrella, Robert Allen, Duralee and more. Chair Care Patio can make classic outdoor furniture replacement cushions for your any furniture manufacturer. All we need is the old cushion to use as a pattern. Stop by our office to discuss your custom outdoor cushion project. Let our talented and creative sewing room staff design the perfect custom look for your outdoor living space.

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX

Vinyl Strap Replacement

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX
Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TXReplacing your vinyl strapping is a great way to give new life to your vinyl strap pool and patio furniture. We use top quality vinyl that is made to withstand the elements. Our vinyl strapping is made from 100% virgin vinyl and has no fillers Choose from over 50 vibrant colors. If you are the Do-It-Yourself type, you are more than welcome to order replacement vinyl from our website and install at home. See the How To section of our website for detailed instructions on how to measure, cut and install vinyl strapping.

If you are an apartment complex or commercial property with a large quantity of pool furniture, please give us a call for commercial pricing. Repairing your existing pool furniture rather than buying new will save you money.

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TX

Relacing of Brown Jordan Tamiami and Lido Furniture

Chair Care Patio in Dallas, TXPopular in the 1970’s and 80’s Brown Jordan Tamiami and Lido patio furniture uses a piece of narrow lacing approximately 5/8” in width that is woven into one continuous pattern on the chair frame. The Brown Jordan Tamiami is identified by its diamond or diagonal pattern on the chair or chaise frame. The Brown Jordan lacing pattern is identified by its square pattern. The vinyl lacing is woven into a vertical and horizontal basket weave. Brown Jordan Tamiami and Lido patio furniture is well worth refinishing and relacing. The frames are tubular aluminum and are usually in great shape even after 20 or 30 years of outdoor use. Properly maintained, Brown Jordan furniture will last a lifetime and is well worth refinishing. See our pricing pages for the cost to sandblast & powder coat or just relace your Brown Jordan Tamiami and Lido patio furniture.